Image Management for ANY Salesforce Implementation 

From Retail Execution to Field Service, from Marketing to Customer Care, we cover all your images use cases in Salesforce.

As Image Experts and Salesforce Experts we deliver the best Salesforce experience with advanced image features such as EDITING, ANNOTATIONS directly from the record Page on any device.

Our App, available on the AppExchange, comes with UNLIMITED Storage, optimized MOBILE integration (Salesforce App, Field Service Lightning) and OFFLINE support (upload images in background to save your fields reps time).

As AI Experts, we support Einstein Vision / Object Detection. We also offer coaching and labelling services to help you in image recognition projects.

SharinPix offers PROFESSIONAL Images features in Salesforce & integrate with any Salesforce Cloud, Mobile Apps & objects.

Our integration in Lightning gives you the best of Image management where you need it.

Elected as one of the 6 Best Lightning App at Dreamforce, we are ranked “Powered by Lightning” on the AppExchange. 

Our advanced features include Images workflow automation and can be highly personalized.

We partner with Document generation partners from the AppExchange to integrate images into generated Documents (PDF, DOC, PPT, empowered with your images).

Based in France, our team is formed by Images experts, Photo addicts and Picture lovers.

We work in partnership with Salesforce teams to bring the power of the image to your Salesforce. SharinPix is recognized as the Image expert of the Salesforce Ecosystem.