Metazoa is the maker of Snapshot 2.0, the leading tool for Salesforce administrators in the Change and Release Management space to manage complex orgs. Designed for Salesforce administrators, Snapshot is the ultimate tool for org cleanup, reporting, auditing, comparison and lifecycle management. Features include metadata migration from sandbox to production, compliance and security reporting, continuous integration, visual desktops, data migration, workflow automation and Salesforce DX compatibility.

Metazoa Snapshot gives Salesforce admins and integrators the ability to boost their productivity and enable them to ensure tight access security with the stringent requirements that are often mandated in the financial services and healthcare sectors. It provides a true ‘single pane of glass’ that enables admins to schedule automated metadata backups, analyze configuration changes over time or between Orgs, deploy Org metadata, log and audit org changes over time, document Org configuration for compliance, identify unused metadata, define workflows for deployments and reports, migrate datasets to any Salesforce Org keeping all connected relationships maintained, and much more.