Founded in 2006, Formstack is a versatile online form solution that streamlines processes for capturing and managing information. With Formstack, businesses and teams of all types and sizes can easily create and use online forms to automate repetitive business processes and gain rich insights. Formstack’s Salesforce app is the #1 native form builder for Salesforce. People can seamlessly build Salesforce forms and surveys in minutes with no connectors or integrations necessary. 

Formstack delivers its intuitive online form solution to over 500,000 users in 112 countries. From HR to IT, the platform can help every department in an organization streamline business processes and get more work done. With Formstack, anyone can build contact forms, event registrations, surveys, job applications, and more in minutes. No programming knowledge is required.

The online form builder integrates with more than 40 popular web applications for easy CRM management, email marketing, payment processing, spreadsheet management, and much more. Advanced features like Form A/B Testing, Partial Submissions, Social Autofill, and Facebook Tab Embed make it easy for users to pinpoint their best strategies for capturing responses and gathering better information.

Whether the director of a health facility is trying to streamline patient registration or a marketer is looking for an easier way to collect leads or organize events, Formstack’s HIPAA compliant form builder has the power and flexibility to help any team succeed and make better business decisions.

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