Thinking Inside the Box: A Guide to Configuration, Integration, Customization for Long-term Agility and Support

90% of customers say that they don’t want to customize their IT solutions, but only 11% manage to deploy without significant customization. Companies customize to support existing business processes, because the change is difficult, to support legacy systems, but many fail to realize the true cost of customization. Eastman started its Salesforce journey with a legacy of heavily customized internal applications, which over the years led to reduced agility and an imbalance in the time spent supporting instead of innovating. The leadership team made a design decision to only customize where there was a competitive business advantage, one that added more dollars to the bottom line in growth than it took away in support. They’ve seen a multiplier effect in organizational agility, innovative approaches, and the full advantage of Salesforce provided updates three times a year. Now, on the lightning interface, reps are able to interact with customers in a more targeted way than ever before.


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Ran on: March 16, 2018 Joe Ewing Ryan Hare