Outbound Funds: Adapt your CRM for charitable giving

Sarah Amin and the Outbound Funds Open Source Community Project team (https://sforce.co/2Tzrc8Y) have built a package to help nonprofit and corporate organizations use Salesforce to manage charitable giving activities. In this session, we will talk about the great community need that inspired this project, the ways the package addresses these needs, and give a demo of the package for both NPSP and non-NPSP customers.

Nonprofit Salesforce users have been trying to find elegant ways to adapt the system for these needs for years, and the community team is excited to empower them with this free, easy-to-configure solution! The Outbound Funds package can be used to manage scholarship programs, internal funding requests, traditional grantmaking activities, challenge and matching grants, and more. Audience members will walk away understanding how to use Outbound Funds to serve their unique needs.


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Ran on: March 22, 2019 Sarah Amin