Manage Business Processes with App Pages (HOT)


Business Processes shouldn’t be reminiscent of a tennis match – sending users back and forth to records or list views across multiple objects. Beyond tiring out your users, these clumsy processes can create opportunities for error and confusion. With Lightning, however, admins can use Lightning App Pages to guide users through complicated business processes in a single page. And, by combining Lightning App pages with automation like Process Builder, you can bypass administrative inefficiencies and curb data inconsistency.

In this Hands on Training, we’ll use a Lightning App page and Process Builder to build an Application Management Process that supports end users that manage open opportunities for employment, funding, etc. Participants will learn these techniques they can apply to any business process, regardless of your organization’s industry or structure.

Salesforce Products: Sales Cloud, Process Builder, Lightning, Lightning App Builder

Session Prerequisite(s)

  1. Signup for a new Developer Edition org which we will use in class: Do not re-use an existing org.
  2. Install this package into that new org:

What are 3 takeaways?

  • You will be able to review a business process to assess how Salesforce can be configured to support the process.
  • You will be able to create a Process Builder.
  • You will be able to design and configure a Lightning App Page.

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Ran on: March 21, 2019 Sarah Amin