KCS is for Closers

At its core, Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) is about demand-driven knowledge: capturing contexts and letting frequency of need drive efforts for creating and revising knowledge articles. Often times, businesses implement Service Cloud at the tactical level, without considering the philosophy behind KCS. In this session, we will link the four core pillars of KCS directly to their implementation in Salesforce. Learn why embracing KCS principles will improve case deflection metrics, improve customer & employee satisfaction, enable self-service community initiatives, all while reducing the burden (ahem… cost) of support. You’ll leave this session with the tools to convince those pesky executives that investing in the technology, tactics, and training around KCS will pay dividends today and in the future.

Intended Audience: Business, Operations, Administrator
Intended Skill Level: Beginner


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Ran on: March 22, 2019 Howard Yermish