How anyone (yes you!) can contribute to the Open Source Commons

Open Source Commons is the program that brings together our community of mission-driven individuals working together to solve the world’s most challenging problems. We do this by actively listening to each other, educating each other, and bringing our passion, experience, and technical know-how to projects that can be replicated and shared throughout the Salesforce Nonprofit and Education ecosystem. We work to remove barriers to entry so that everyone can be a part of this vision.
– Why supports Open Source and why you should care.
– What is Open Source Commons and what are Community Sprints?
– Show n tell of previously contributed open source projects that any NGO and EDU admin can use today
– Show n tell of currently unfinished open source projects that anyone (including non-coders) can contribute to today
– If time permits: High Level overview of CumulusCI, the SFDO custom built continuous integration (CI) tool that is used by SFDO and our Open Source Community to maintain applications and test new features.
If time permits: Idea generation activity (15-20 mins of get-up-out-of-your-seat audience interaction using sticky notes to demonstrate how Community Sprinters generate new project ideas)

Why I’m a subject expert:
I am the Nonprofit Open Source Community Program Manager at, and work on the team that is responsible for the SFDO open source efforts within our Nonprofit and Educational communities. This includes the creation of Open Source Commons, our unique incubation and support program for contributions, as well as our in person Community Sprint events which are hosted four times a year (three in North America and one in Europe) where we host up to 150 community members in a hack-athon style event.

What audience will get from session:
– An understanding of the difference between proprietary and open source software
– Specific examples of community built products and extra’s they use today
– How EVERYONE can give back to the community and why it’s important
Call to action to get involved and attend the upcoming Open Source community Sprint in Atlanta (March 30th – April 1stt) and Seattle (August 10th – 12th)

Location: Oglethorpe Date: March 27, 2020 Time: 1:15 pm - 2:00 pm Cori O’Brien