Empowering Volunteers

Why time tracking is critical for Nonprofits. How to make it easy with mobile technology. 

  • Grant funding relies on volunteer hours. Show that you have an engaged community with time tracking data. Show off improved engagement and impact. Protect your funding with better data.
  • Recognize and reward amazing volunteers. Ensure that each volunteer’s work is noticed. Reward when volunteers hit specific milestones. With solid data, keep volunteer hours transparent.
  •  Empower volunteers to increase impact. Create an environment where volunteers can thrive. Give them the freedom to volunteer when and where they want. Appreciate them based on actual data for recognition. Let your volunteers feel more connected to your goals. 
  • Increase accountability. Keep volunteers accountable while making it positive. Let volunteers see their own hours for a healthy feedback loop. Let technology remove the hassle of managing volunteer hours. 
  • Add volunteer hours to your 990. Show competency by running a successful volunteer program. Increase your funding possibilities. Don’t skip the volunteer hours section


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Ran on: March 31, 2017