Beyond the Mission Statement: Measuring Your Nonprofit’s Impact with Salesforce

This session will outline how your nonprofit organization can move from tracking data towards measuring impact. With the right design, the Salesforce platform can provide actionable insights that push your organization to evolve programs and services.

This session will help nonprofit leaders and program managers explore organizational maturity through a nonprofit’s data use over time to:

– Engage the entire organization and empower all staff to use data
– Focus on designing and building data-driven programs
– Create shared goals with a centralized system
– Provide communication, transparency, and shared accountability for using data

Nonprofits can evolve beyond basic headcounts towards tracking true program performance and mission impact. Salesforce dashboard examples will be included to illustrate these concepts.

Session participants will learn a 4-step approach to:

1) Assess organization performance, needs & assets
2) Plan outcomes measurement approach
3) Design and build data systems
4) Use data for ongoing learning & improvement

Join us for new tools and concepts that can help you transform your nonprofit’s use of Salesforce and take a giant leap forward in impact!

Location: Oglethorpe Date: March 27, 2020 Time: 2:10 pm - 2:55 pm Susan Tobes