Advanced Apex Testing for Fun and Profit


Testing your code can feel laborious and hard. Dependencies can make tests hard to follow and understand. Thankfully, the Lightning Platform has tools to make testing faster, easier, and more exciting. Join us for a deep dive into advanced testing topics including mocking, stubbing, avoiding the database, and writing custom assertions. Never heard of those? That’s OK, we’ll introduce and work through examples of exactly how they work, and why.

Salesforce Products: Salesforce Platform

Session Prerequisite(s)

  1. Signup for a new Developer Edition org which we will use in class: Do not re-use an existing org.

What are 3 takeaways?

  • You’ll be able to load data from CSV’s, including complex trees of objects.
  • You’ll be able to explain and use Mocks.
  • You’ll be able to write unit tests that don’t hit the database.

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Ran on: March 21, 2019 Kevin Poorman