2020 SED Session Submissions By The Numbers

Back in November we opened our Call for Speakers for the 5th Southeast Dreamin. Y’all responded and submitted, and submitted, and submitted. For a total of 231 sessions!! Admin, developer, Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Non-Profits, Hands-on Training, y’all submitted it all.

Let’s break this down and look at some numbers.

We’ll start with the total number sessions submitted over the years. Our first year, 2016, we had 53 sessions submitted. Way back then, there were not as many regional Salesforce conferences and not as many people knew about them. As the number of conferences grew, the knowledge of how awesome community lead conferences spread, and the number and quality of our session submissions grew.

Chart of Southeast Dreamin Session Submissions 2015-2020

Next, let’s look at the 2020 submissions. While we added the hands-on training sessions (HOTs) in 2019, this is the first year we opened session submissions for the HOTs. This helped with our increase in sessions but definitely isn’t the main reason for it!

2020 Southeast Dreaming Sessions by Topic

Lastly, let’s talk about how awesome the sessions we received this year are. One of the session team members noted he’s never rated so many sessions a 3 (our highest number, get more info on our session selection process). So many great breakout sessions that we couldn’t trim them down to 25 sessions. So we found a way to add another session room for Southeast Dreamin this year and now we have 30 breakout sessions on Friday! We’ve also increased the seating for our HOTs on Thursday so (hopefully) everyone will get their first choice this year!

Excited to start planning your 2020 Southeast Dreamin session schedule? We’ll post the sessions soon – acceptance emails will be going out shortly and then we will for acceptances from the speakers.